Thursday, 7 February 2008

Nicholas S. Denardo, 27, and Ashley C. Bright, 20. arrested for drug offenses.

Nicholas S. Denardo, 27, and Ashley C. Bright, 20. As detectives arrived at the apartment door, they could hear someone inside. When no one responded, officers forced their way in, police spokesman Sgt. Paul Bernier said.
He said 150 packets of heroin, stored for sale in 50-packet bundles, were found in Bright’s possession. Police said a search also turned up a drug ledger and another 26 bags of heroin, along with $2,200.
As the search continued, Bernier said, a man entered and two packets of heroin were recovered from him. Shortly afterward, detectives were alerted by fellow officers that Denardo and another man were arriving at the house with a large black plastic bag, Bernier said.
Denardo was seized when he entered the apartment and 2,000 packets of heroin were found in the bag, Bernier said.
The other man ran from the house, but was apprehended by Officer John Robinson after a foot pursuit by police that ended when the suspect fell off a wall at Ruggles Park.
A search of a motor vehicle revealed another 450 bags of heroin, resulting in a total of 2,626 packets of heroin and $52,289 in cash.
“The seizure of this quantity of heroin along with the substantial amount of proceeds from the illicit sale of drugs in our city is of significant proportions,” Chief John M. Souza said.
Souza commended the “tenacity” of lead investigator Detective William Falandys, Detective Lt. James Keighley and Detective Sgt. Roger Lafleur and their colleagues in the vice unit for their “dedication and effort in this case and others.”
“They are truly committed to the removal of illicit drugs from our city streets, as well as the prosecution of those who choose to deal these drugs,” Souza said. “The message should be loud and it should be clear. Individuals who elect to become involved in the illegal distribution of dangerous drugs in this city will be discovered. They will be arrested and they will be vigorously prosecuted.”
Denardo and Bright are each charged with a drug violation near a school and conspiracy to violate the drug laws. Denardo also is charged with trafficking in heroin more than 28 grams,and Bright also is charged with possession of a Class A drug to distribute.
This is not Denardo's first recent brush with the law. He also was arrested last Sept. 11 in a raid at his former Whipple Street apartment, where police netted more than $11,000 and nearly 5,000 bags of heroin.
Jared J. Mello, 24, of 185 London St., is charged with possession of a Class A drug to distribute, drug violation near a school, conspiracy to violate the drug laws and resisting arrest/interfering with a police officer.
Carlos J. Alomar, 36, of 243 Robeson St., is charged with possession of a Class A drug.
Assisting in the search and arrests were Detectives Bryan Nadeau, John Cabral, James Elumba, Kevin Bshara and Manuel Bernardo, Agent Mark DeSantis of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Agency and Agent Joseph Nickerson of the Drug Enforcement Agency.